Friday, May 7, 2010

ARTWORK No12: Mohd Shaker Hanafi

Name : Mohd Shaker Hanafi
Title : Discrimination Kills, Not AIDS.
Website :

Artist Statement :
The title "Discrimination kills, not AIDS" is the term that used in whole wide world. Still life photography is the best method to deliver the meaning of the picture itself.
It is because it can be the best campaign to create an awareness to the audience. The reason why I'm doing this is because nowadays people are being too judge mentalist for each HIV positive patient. For them, by touching the patient will diagnose the disease. The lack of this knowledge is the main reason why patients felt so alone and been hated by the judge mentalist society. And alone is a hard moments for them because some of the patient didnt want the disease at all. And because of that, when the patient are been left and hated by the society because of the disease, it can be a major depressive moment and indirectly the patient can committed a suicide at the end of the time. This is happened to the society nowadays. Each of the patient didn't want the disease at all. After they diagnose the disease, the best medicine is for them is caring and love from the society and also they wanted society to understand them. If the societies ignore them and leave them alone, that's will kill them. We need to love them, not hate them.

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