Monday, December 20, 2010

ARTWORK No76: Hafiz Naqiuddin Bin Ramalim

Name: Hafiz Naqiuddin Bin Ramalim
Artwork title: Bayangan sesama insan
Artist Statement:
Kepada kawan – Kesetiaan
Kepada musuh – Kemaafan
Kepada ketua – Khidmat
Kepada yang muda – Contoh terbaik
Kepada yang tua – Hargai budi mereka dan kesetiaan.
Kepada pasangan – Cinta dan ketaatan
Kepada manusia – Kebebasan

ARTWORK No75: Salleh

artist: Salleh
Artwork title: No
Artist Statement:
We are trying to live in a better condition where people can really share the world regardless the differences we had in ourselves. We have made so many statements to show that we care. Why shouldn't we make another one;

'Yes' to AIDS patient.

It is totally harmless to get along with them, and to treat them the way we treat others. They are all human, as we are and they are all struggling to see the better tomorrow, just like everybody else.

And to discriminate them, is totally 'No'.

Discrimination, kills.

ARTWORK No74: Mohd Syazwan b. Haji Md Rodzi

artist: Farhan Iqbal Mohd Yusof
Artwork title: Hingga ke Hujung Dunia
artist statement:
mereka dihimpit, dicerca dan dipulau
dipaksa ke hujung dunia
cukuplah derita itu datangnya dari yang tidak memahami
asalkan dia
ada bersama
tetap bersama
hingga ke hujung dunia

ARTWORK No73: Mohd Syazwan b. Haji Md Rodzi

artist: Mohd Syazwan b. Haji Md Rodzi
Artwork title : Amarah!
artist Statement :
adakah perlu aku di pinggirkan? kasih dan sayang yang tiada pengertian? mengapa?

ARTWORK No72: Ridzuan Nuruddin

artist:Ridzuan Nuruddin
Artwork title : Drop the hate
artist statement :
Please stay away from free sex and prostitution...Drop the hate...

ARTWORK No71: Mohd Lukman Naeem

Artist:Mohd Lukman Naeem
Title: How About Me
artist statement:
People should have humanity and love in their life .....should have kindness and respect. Everybody have their dream , their passion, their ambition in this short moment of life. Everybody should have their chance to have peace and happy life. Ever u had sick, fever or whatever .... how it feel if no one care about you and dicriminate you.....what a pity situation is with them as they need our attention least a word could make it better :)

ARTWORK No70: Mohd Lukman Naeem

Artist: Mohd Lukman Naeem
title: I Need That Sunshine Too
Artist statement:
Like others living need sun and sunshine to complete their living enviroment......needs in their path and journey in life .....sun that light up their day and their need also their way ....... Can you imagine your life living without sun 365 day in a year and continuely till last moment of your life ...... So think again our act in this world .....we could make the day better then yesterday .

ARTWORK No69: : Mohd Fahmi Bin Abd Rashid

Artist:Mohd Fahmi Bin Abd Rashid (kEdEk)
Artwork title : don't hate me
Artist statement :
Don't let the kid alone because he is not guilty!!!