Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ARTWORK No4: Shahril Fadly a.k.a MOLOKO

Name: Shahril Fadly a.k.a MOLOKO
Blog: www.shah-moloko.blogspot.com
Artwork title: A Clockwork Jihad
Artist Statement:- The fight against this virus had never comes to an end...Jihad maybe can be defined as Muslim Holy War...to me, it's also a never ending struggles by human against this immortal virus..it's a clockwork fight..to find a cure & magic! It's a 24/7 rotation to defeat this immortal Beast!

ARTWORK No3: Fairuz Hafiezal Bin Rosli

Name : Fairuz Hafiezal Bin Rosli
Artwork Title : Masih Ada yang Sayang
Artist statement : Kadang-kadang pesakit-pesakit aids ini disisihkan oleh masyarakat dan keluarga, perasaan kecewa bermain diminda mereka ini...
Tapi masih ada yang sayang kepada golongan sebegini kerana mereka juga manusia yang berhak mengecapi kehidupan.

ARTWORK No2: Mahazam Bin Zainal

Name: Mahazam Bin Zainal
Artwork title: Sinar
Blog : www.focalimagery.carbonmade.com
Artist Statement:
Petir di langit digeruni semua hidupan di bumi,menjadi simbol terhadap kemampuan manusia yang terbatas.'Sinar' pancaran petir walaupun dianggap satu bencana pada dunia,tetap saja Ia mempunyai hikmah yang tersembunyi.
Walaupun AIDS datang bagaikan panahan petir terhadap manusia,Kitalah yang harus terus memastikan 'Sinar' harapan dalam diri mereka tetap membara.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

ARTWORK No1: Mohd Nasir Bin Ibrahim

Name: Mohd Nasir Bin Ibrahim
Artwork title: Menjernihkan
Blog: http://annaloq.blogspot.com
Artist Statement:
Gambar menunjukkan air jernih jatuh mencurah-curah ke dalam bekas berdarah yang semakin jernih warnanya. Ianya bermaksud kita sebagai manusia normal haruslah mencampakkan segala rasa benci terhadap pesakit-pesakit AIDS. Kita haruslah memberi dorongan dan sokongan yang tidak putus-putus kepada mereka agar mereka tidak tersisih dari masyarakat umumnya.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rules and regulations

This competition seeks to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS amongst young people through photography. It aims to get youth to realize the social implications of being infected with HIV and to bring home the message that being young does not make them any less susceptible to the disease. As this is a global epidemic it is crucial that this type of communication takes place. The beauty of photography is that it has the ability to transcend language barriers and to allow cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.

Your submission should reflect theme “Drop the Hate”.

Open category to all Malaysian.

Entry Fee: None

Rules and regulations
1.Malaysian, 18 yrs and above.
2.Participants are to email their entry to seniuntukaids@gmail.com no later than 31st May 2010.
3.Size of photograph should not exceed 3MB, and should have a resolution of at least 300dpi. Please submit in JPEG RGB format.
4.The photograph can be submitted in colour or monochrome.
5.Each submission must be accompanied by a title and a short write-up of not more than 120 words to explain the photographer’s interpretation and reflection of the key messages.
6.Each participant can submit up to a maximum of three images.
7.Participants are to obtain all rights from all people (if any) appearing in their photographs.
8.Photographs shall be original and unpublished. Photographs that won a prize at other competitions are not allowed to be submitted for this competition. Those that have been used for commercial and/or other purposes will not be allowed.
9.Participants must own the sole copyright of their submissions. The organiser reserve the right to disqualify any prize winners who do not own the copyrights to their submissions or if the origin if the source is in dispute and to recover the prizes that have been awarded to them.
10.Photographs that are sexually explicit, racially and religiously discriminating, or deemed by the organiser to be offensive will be disqualified.
11.The organiser shall have the right to exhibit, edit the title and write-up, and use the submitted entries for publicity and educational purposes. They will remain as property of the organiser.
12.Winners of the competition are allowed to use their submission in their own portfolio but not for any commercial purposes.
13.The organiser reserve the right to alter and/or impose new rules as deemed necessary.
14.All participants are deemed to have agreed to the above rules and regulations.

Announcement of results

1.Winners will be announced by email by the organizer.
2.The best 20 photographs will be shortlisted for judging.
3.Prize money will be credited to the winners’ designated bank account after the announcement of results.
4.There will be an on-line voting where public will vote for their favorite photograph. This will constitute 50% of the result. The other 50% will come from the judges’ votes.
No correspondence on the decision of results will be entertained.
5.Shortlisted winners as well as all participants for the competition will be invited to attend the Art for AIDS event.
6.The 20 photographs selected will be showcased on the PROSTAR Malaysia Convention taking place all around Malaysia. Winners will also receive a certificate.


First – RM888, Second – RM666, Third- RM444
Jury’s selection 17photos x RM50

All entries are to be submitted electronically to seniuntukaids@gmail.com by 31st JULY 2010

Important note
Please include in your submission the following details.
Name, Artwork title, Date of Birth, Age, NoIC, Name of School/Institution, Contact number, email, blog or web and synopsis of your design.

Incomplete submission may disqualify your entry.

Please contact Kamal Sabran at seniuntukaids@gmail.com for further enquiry.